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Morning Scouting by XsoulwreatherX
Morning Scouting
Our cat, doing her morning scoutings, while sitting on slightly wet grass. Looks like it didn't even bother her
Summer by XsoulwreatherX
Was nice morning, so I took my tomboy outside, still need some clothes to her, but these will go. :>

Dikadoll Blanca, dreaming
Faceup by me
Curiosity by XsoulwreatherX
I was taking random photos at outdoors and then I saw from the corner of my eye, that there was a long, small animal running to our vegetable garden. It was this curious little weasel and I was really happy, that it tagged along for a little while, coming to take small peeks of me, when I was taking photos. 
I was really happy to see that little one and it was pretty close to me, about 2 meters only.
My heart melted, instantly
Rockman/Megaman figurine by XsoulwreatherX
Rockman/Megaman figurine
:iconpockettroll: saw this in eBay and sent link to me, I had to buy it (as a bday present to me!), I just couldn't leave this to hang around there.. I got him yesterday and spent couple of hrs building him up. It was fun, really. :D
Love the extra hands and faces, there wasn't stickers for the extra eyes and E-tank, but I don't mind. :>
Now I have to save money and get Blues with the same old-school look~
Nayo wip


My troll lady, Nayo. :3 She actually has pear-shape body, so someday in the future, I’m planning to draw her from another pose. When I have inspiration for that. 8D 

I also tried to draw really frizzy/wild curly hair, now it looks like a mess, but.. at least I tried hard!

.. Had even somekind of insipartion to draw u_u


Pokemon randomizer:
1) Switch to "All regions"
2) Switch to "1"
3) Only one pokemon per question
4) Tag at least one person when you're finished

Extra) This is you

Eeeh.. o_O 

1) This Pokemon is your best friend

Omg, it looks like.. like... *stays silent in her perverted mind*. But it looks kinda cute though

2) This Pokemon is your boss who you need to impress for a promotion

Ookeeeh, my boss is cross-eyed bunny. How bad that could be!

3) This Pokemon is your partner in a science project

Water and science? Awesum, it would be interesting. :D

4) This Pokemon is looking for any possible way to murder you

Omg, nooooooo! Why? ;__;

6) This Pokemon is your Girlfriend/Boyfriend

Walrus..? ಠ_ಠ

7) This Pokemon is your Ex

What, no! Why did I leave him for a walrus! D:

8) This Pokemon stalks you every waking moment

.. Why I have a feeling, that I need to start wearing firefighter's uniform

9) This Pokemon just stole all your cheesecake

I can't be even angry to him, for doing that. He's way too cute! <3

10) This Pokemon is what you felt in your bed last night

Meep.. ;__;

11) This Pokemon Punched your Mom

O_O'' omfg, I'm so gonna make him regret for punching my mom!

12) This Pokemon would do anything to steal your shoes

It would be interesting to see that ball to walk with my sneakers/heels.. xD

13) This Pokemon died by your hands

Maybe.. I regret that a little bit, that is pretty cute one tbh

14) This Pokemon is your loyal companion for life

Ugh.. bunny with bodybuilder ears? x_x

15) This Pokemon is your loving pet

Wtf is that? Flying shield? o_O

16) This Pokemon is your Dentist

I think I'm gonna.. just skip this dentist, okeh? It's pretty scary and maybe has hungover, see those red eyes?

17) This Pokemon is what you dream about every day

Ok, it's pretty cute. Pale blue bear with.. runny nose?

18) This is the Pokemon you found in your basement when you moved into your new house

Aha, so that's the noise I heard earlier, when moving my stuff. :D Not bad, not bad at all~

I tag you!




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